Wonderful You

“Do you  realise how special you are?”

Have you ever considered that of the billions of people that have been born before you, and the billions of people that will be born after you, all will be uniquely different.

You are a true winner and one-of-a-kind.

Because you are so special, it is important to value yourself not only in the way you care for and cleanse your body, but also in the way you see and speak about yourself. For example, “how often do you hear people say

“I’m only” this statement devalues you.
As I write, I think about a boy who has stuttered and been teased all his life, as he desperately tried to speak with others.

“How difficult do you think it would have been for him to believe in himself?
So easy for him to give up and just become “I’m only”. Yet in Australia, I saw this young man compete against the best talent in the country and win the title of “The Voice” with his beautiful singing and dazzling smile.

“Are you sharing your gifts with the world?”
“Or are you just like an unwrapped present?”
Hiding your unique abilities and special qualities from everyone. So much potential, but until you look deep within yourself and begin to share these qualities, your gifts remain trapped inside.

Remember, You and I are like candles in the dark, waiting to shed our light on our own part of the world. Seemingly insignificant, but if we all shine together, our  light would put our sun to shame.

Let your light shine and never let anyone tell someone as unique as you, that you are “only”.

Like everything in life, there is a brief moment to choose. “Are you an unwrapped gift or an I’m only”, the choice is always yours.

Be great and believe in yourself, always


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