A little over a week ago, and with much fear and in trepidation, I took a leap of faith and plunged into John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success (P2S) program. I was hoping for the best, and preparing myself for the worst, as quite frankly, I have heard the empty promises of well-known gurus many, many times before. Also, as a multiple victim of” shiny thing” syndrome,  anyone with half a brain cell, knowing me would have diagnosed me as a terminal and hopeless case!

I was also expecting to be ripped off by yet another “used car salesman” from America. So I was very surprised to discover that  John Thornhill is actually Irish (I think he is) and with the assistance of Randy Smith (yes, it means the same to me in Australia!) created and founded this course in the UK. My surprise didn’t end there, though. I wrote an email expecting some sort of auto response or flimsy excuse for not responding, but to my astonishment, John responded to the email himself! I thought this must be some sort of “spin doctor strategy” that they use for new students so I emailed him several more times with specific questions, and in every case, John or Alex, responded promptly.

Their advice, and obvious genuine intent to help me succeed in the program, convinced me to take this program seriously. So, without a clue how to build a blog, pages, add images or do all  sorts of other technical staff that I thought that I would never understand, I commenced the program.

My experience so far, has been amazing, and I do not say this slightly. Over the years, courses that promised to either show me or build a blog for me  have all failed miserably. That is, up until now. John’s teachings, and over the shoulder method takes you one tiny step at a time. His reassuring teaching style not only provides knowledge but also builds your confidence, helping to prepare you for the next lesson and offering support if you have any concerns. He also emphasises how important it is for you to ask any question that maybe holding you back or causing you to doubt yourself. This fact alone, has greatly eased my mind, and I have already taken advantage of this offer several times by contacting support (Alex) to have my issue resolved quickly and completely. I now have a fledging blog and a few posts that I did myself! I am stoked and excited to see what next week holds.

Believe in yourself, always Geoff

“Like to join me on the journey?”

Check it out here: P2S


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