G’day thrill seekers,
Just a bit more on the adventures I am having in week 2 of the P2S program¬†where John handed over the reins in one of the lessons to Alex. I don’t know about you, but resizing, importing and doing weird things with images have always been a mystery to me, especially when it comes to inserting or resizing them in blog posts etc. When I saw this lesson coming up, I was ready to run for the hills, but I steadied, had a sip of something nice, turned off email etc and focused on the lesson, ready to take copious note and ask silly questions at the end.

What a waste of pent up energy! Alex was brilliant, he took it step by step, pre-empting questions and concerns the “numpty”(me) student may have, showing best places to find free images, dowload, resize and even place them inside the text and body of the blog. As a bonus, he also showed, over the shoulder, how to upload and insert youtube videos. That was awesome! I even have one (smug smile) in my blog post “Self esteem what it is and how to get some.

To many of you, this may seem of minor importance and little consequence, but to me, it is validation that all the money I have wasted over the years and the literally hundreds and hundreds of hours I have spent watching video training sessions is finally paying off, as it has at last lead me here to John’s remarkable program

I really am quite excited, that there may be a real possibility, I can complete the full program and with all the training and resources offered by John and Randy, finally share my knowledge and perhaps pay a few bills! just wish I found P2S years ago.

Speaking of images, do you like my picture? This was taken on one of my trips outback. Australia is a big country! “Do you have any great shots?” If so, share them at Profitsgram here and you just might start making some extra cash from your camera!

Till next time,

Keep safe and well.

Believe in yourself, always


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